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Anti Money Laundering Training Bootcamp
Join us for the AML Bootcamp Class, held in a private classroom NYC, and taught by the world renowned expert on AML, L. Burke Files. This class will help those new to AML become trained and ready to become effective members of their firm’s AML team.

Students who complete this Bootcamp will be well prepared to deal with AML issues within their firm.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in your tuition.

Also Available: AML Advanced Class

AML Master Class
We also offer an advanced Anti Money Laundering Class, to help professionals identify and prevent the most sophisticated and dangerous money laundering schemes.

AML Bootcamp Outline

The graduate of this class will be able to work effectively in any AML compliance team.


Day One:


  • What is money laundering and how does it work?
  • Domestic and international law foundation and implementation
    • OECD to FATF, BIS, to US and EU treaty obligations to craft laws
  • Conditions required for money laundering
    • Crime is the key point
  • KYC, CIP and what matters now.
  • New rules on beneficial ownership
    • Kill the checklist (mostly) 25% beneficial ownership
  • Charity, NGOs, Government, Public Companies and Doppelgangers
    • They are not exempt
  • Common ways to launder money
    • Placement
    • Layering
    • Sinks
    • Integration
  • Other laundering mechanisms
  • Cash versus wires what right and what’s wrong require thought
  • International money laundering techniques and centers for laundering
  • Emerging technologies, digital currency, cards, alt payments, and more


Day Two:

  • EU and US laws on anti-corruption, PEPs and corruption.
    • AML connects to other laws
  • Transparency v privacy what you need to understand
  • Risks, the risks of getting it wrong and getting it right.
    • Risk identification and management
  • Markets in and for financial instruments
    • Regulated (public) v Unregulated (private) markets
  • Impact of rules and regulations today and tomorrow
    • Planning v. panic and best fit test for your organization
  • Crafting the manual and revising the AML Manual
  • Common flaws in AML Manuals that cost you.
  • What you absolutely must always do
  • Suspicious Activity Report
    • Crafting them and writing them
    • Big errors in SAR reporting
  • Independent Testing
  • Training and Selecting employees
  • So what do all these rules and information mean to me?
  • Winners and looser
  • How do I get it right
  • What do WE get wrong?




Learn precisely what Money Laundering is, and how to identify it in its various forms - even some which are unexpected and surprising - and the various regulatory bodies and their AML rules and regulations.


Come explore the newest developments in Anti Money Laundering tactics, methods, and cutting edge technology - and how you can detect and prevent Money Laundering in your firm.


Join your peers in this AML Bootcamp to discuss how Money Laundering is being addressed in each of your firms, discover new methods and ideas to detect and prevent Money Laundering.
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Ask the Expert

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